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  •  Pam is the consummate professional

    Pam is the consummate professional

    Pam is the consummate professional. Always a pleasure to deal with. Has excellent area knowledge.
    If you want to purchase or sell a piece of property, this is your lady (can be like a pit bull on steroids when needed).
    Thanks for another wonderful transaction, Pam.”

    JS 01/24/2018

  •  Pam Lester is a Rock Star

    Pam Lester is a Rock Star

    Pam Lester is a Rock Star. She has all the outstanding qualities we were looking for. She knows the Central Oregon market like no one else. She has a great knowledge of what has sold in the area, how much it sold for and what its greatest strengths were. Another strong quality is her honesty. A quality she lives by. Honest with the buyer and honest with the seller. She priced our property with our input but with a strong dose of reality. There was no pie in the sky, it was an honest, achievable price. She counseled us on what repairs or upgrades were needed and told us what not to worry about. The video she produced to help sell the property was enticing and professional, showing the property in the best possible light but still very honest. She was very competent, professional, and extremely easy to work with. Our property was on the market for eleven days. We had two cash offers & sold to the first buyer. She offered wise counseling, expert advice and made our experience very enjoyable.

    Diane Gulley, Pamela’s assistant, was a wealth of information, helpful and personable.

    On a scale of 1 to 10, Pam and her team gets an 11! That’s how good they are!”

    NS 01/24/2018

  •  Excellent Experience

    Excellent Experience

    “Having Pam Lester as my salesperson was an excellent experience. Pam had an excellent knowledge of the area and what my home sales price should be. I have a lot of confidence in Pam as a salesperson and advisor.”

    DSA 01/24/2018

  •  Megan Curtis was absolutely the best real estate person

    Megan Curtis was absolutely the best real estate person

    Megan Curtis was absolutely the best real estate person we have dealt with. She was great.”

    TA 01/24/2018

  •  Pam Lester is the ultimate dream Realtor to work with

    Pam Lester is the ultimate dream Realtor to work with

    “Having lived previously in New York, I found purchasing, and subsequently selling my homes … to be a virtual nightmare. Pam and Diane turned that experience around dramatically!!
    Pam works tirelessly on behalf of her clients, and personally, guided me through sales with consideration and care … as I was having unrelated personal troubles.
    Pam and Diane responded promptly to each of my questions … I never had to receive a return call (!!). They both guided me through a particularly difficult HOA concern, displaying true knowledge of Oregon law. I would not ever question Pam’s advice..she is the ultimate dream Realtor to work with!!!
    I have, and will continue to refer Pam Lester, and her knowledgeable staff to any friend or family needing critical advice, and a successful purchase or sale. Her enthusiasm and good will is apparent, and she displays and enacts purposeful results to difficult variables arising in individual sales.”
    Pam Lester provides a quality of work rarely seen, but gratefully appreciated!!

    CM 01/04/2018

  •  Honest, Easy to work with

    Honest, Easy to work with

    Pam is an honest, to the point Realtor. She was flexible and easy to work with. The listing price was higher than we hoped for and the house was sold in 2 weeks with a full offer. Couldn’t ask for better”

    KC 10/28/2015

  •  Very Impressive

    Very Impressive

    Pam is always available by phone for a quick question, or something more detailed. She and the Pam Lester team have in depth information at the time of the showing. (Down to the Well output) Very impressive. Also, always on the outlook for future properties. She is critical in a constructive way, and will supply an honest answer. Very important to us. That is why she is our agent. Others in the past were vague. We need honest input and expertise. She is a strong asset.”

    JCS 10/28/2015

  •  Excellent Customer Service

    Excellent Customer Service

    Pam was very knowledgeable about the selling price and staging of our home. Century 21 helped us from day 1 until we moved. The entire Redmond office was excellent in customer service. We had purchased property in another town through a Century 21 office in Gold Beach Oregon. Diane and Pam helped us with going over our paper work and faxing it to the other office because we were traveling back and forth at the time. We really appreciate it!”

    SKM 10/14/2015

  •  Excellent Pam Lester Team

    Excellent Pam Lester Team

    “Most of our dealings have been with a member of Pam Lester’s team, however, our experience with our agent and talking to other agents on her team it is obvious she has put together an excellent team. I can with good conscience recommend them without reservation.
    My most impressive interaction with Pam Lester was shortly after we closed on our house. We were back in Texas packing to move to Oregon when I got a recorded message from the water provider for the new house. It said an unusually high amount of water had been used in the last 24 hours. Fearing the worst and visualizing water flooding the house, I called Pam and she dropped everything she was doing and went over to the house to investigate. Turns out it was just a sprinkler valve that failed but we were so appreciative that she took the time to put our fears to rest. That to me is a prime example of the value they place on their clients.
    We have now purchased two properties through Century 21 Gold Country Realty and hope to be clients for years to come.”

    JN 10/07/2015

  •  Awesome Experience

    Awesome Experience

    Diane has been awesome throughout this whole escrow. She’s a great asset to your team. I wish her all the best. And I appreciate you working hard for us as well. We will not forget how easy the Pam Lester Team made this experience for us, and will not hesitate to recommend you.”

    DS 04/23/2014

  •  Closing in record time

    Closing in record time

    The Pam Lester Team has banks and agents they work with regularly, and because of this close working relationship with banks, lenders and title companies, they were able to get this to closing in exactly one month to the day from when I moved. I would highly recommend the Pam Lester real estate team.
    My special thanks goes to Diane Gulley, Team Coordinator, who worked tirelessly to keep everyone informed and up to date on every detail.”

    JC 07/26/2013

  •  Soon to be living in the home of my dreams!

    Soon to be living in the home of my dreams!

    “I would like to recommend The Pam Lester Team, for anyone looking for a good buying experience. We worked with Pam and Diane Gulley through the purchase of our home through the short sale process. I had heard from many people that the problems that occur during the purchase of a home are extensive especially with a short sale. This is not the case on our home. Diane was so detailed that she submitted everything that the bank would need up front. We had the approval within 90 days. We had updates at any change or progress of the process, and were advised ahead of time what to expect. They were never wrong! They even helped us find a Loan Officer that made that process a joy. We were treated like we were their only customers, and not a first time buyer with many small worries and concerns. I am not only totally satisfied with the work they did, I feel like I have new friends. Our home is exactly what we wanted, and we will be happy there for many years thanks to Diane and Pam.”

    JH 03/05/2013

  •  Professional Experience

    Professional Experience

    “I want to share our experience with Pam Lester and her team during the process of selling our family home. They were extremely professional with all details pertaining to the sale. They went above and beyond to make sure every detail was handled each step of the way as to not create any undo stress to our family. We were updated regularly with a friendly well informed team! We so appreciate all the support, kindness, and professional detail Pam and her team gave to each of us throughout the entire process!”

    SM 01/07/2013

  •  Great Sale Experience

    Great Sale Experience

    “About 6 months ago Pam and her team sold my home in Terrebonne. My husband had passed away and my sons and I were left with the job of moving and getting the house ready for sale. We listed the property with another broker but we did not get any action. Then we listed with Pam and Century 21. I had not sold a house in 20 years and Pam and her team were so helpful in guiding me through the process before and after the sale. She kept me and my sons informed of all offers and options and details we needed to know.
    We are so grateful to her staff for all the kindness and consideration we were shown. I don’t think you can go wrong by signing with Pam and Century 21″

    BR 01/04/2013

  •  Successful Short Sale

    Successful Short Sale

    “When my husband and I made the difficult decision of having to short sale our property, I knew I wanted a reliable, professional Realtor to guide us through the process. I had spoken to Pam Lester years before about another property and she was the first one that came to mind. Pam and her team were amazing. They were in constant contact with me and provided me with updates on a weekly basis. If I emailed or called with a question I received a response back within the hour. Pam and her team were very professional and support from taking the listing to getting the home sold. They never gave up hope that they could get the job done. Their compassion and understanding was very much appreciated.
    If I need a Realtor in the future, The Pam Lester team will be the first that I call.”

    KF 03/23/2012